BHC3 Well Development Optimization

Optimizing placement and completion of conventional wells

BHC3 Well Development Optimization

Optimizing placement and completion of unconventional wells

BHC3 Well Development Optimization

Optimizing placement and completion of offshore wells

Enhance field development planning and well completion design

Tight oil and tight gas account for an increasing share of global oil and gas production, yet the development ofunconventional fieldsis still in its infancy. Every unconventional play is sufficiently different and, while best practices can be applied, a substantial learning curve exists for each basin. Additionally, due to the cost and complexity of traditional data analysis, operators and engineers are unable to operationalize the insights that could be obtained from data associated with past well completions. More effectively extracting detailed operational insights from recently completed wells can increase production and deliver significant operating cost efficiencies, immediately improving the thin margins for these tight resource plays.

BHC3™ Well Development Optimization accelerates the tight oil and gas learning curve by helping companies determine the optimal location,completion designand frac design for individual wells across a basin. By aggregating disparate sources of reservoir, drilling and well completion data into theBHC3™ AI Suiteand utilizing industry-leading machine learning techniques, BHC3 Well Development Optimization is able to supplement traditional geophysical and engineering approaches with empirical techniques that both increase recovery and reduce development costs.


Well placement recommendations

Identify precise well location and spacing to maximize well production and lifetime. Develop optimal well placement plans to enable maximum estimated ultimate recovery across an entire field to be developed.

Optimal well completion design

Generate recommended well completion parameters using next-generation machine learning algorithms. Analyze and assess recommended completion parameters, including perforation interval, proppant size and fracturing fluid volume that contribute to the optimal production rate of a specified well.

Scenario analysis

Build and compare well placement and completion scenarios by adjusting parameters and seeing estimated impact on oil and gas production rates. Build custom design scenarios including the ability to move well locations and adjust completion parameters.

Visualization across field

Geospatial view of well location, completion parameters, production decline curves, and Estimated Ultimate Retrieval (EUR) at an individual well level or aggregated across the field. Predict well performance (e.g. production rates, EUR) of various completion design and fracturing techniques.

Real-time feedback

Continuously improve well placement and completion designs by incorporating the latest insights from recently completed wells. View an operational dashboard that provides a single aggregate view across the field including well locations, completion parameters, decline curves and EUR.

Medium- and long-term field development planning

Feed individual well placement and completion designs into field development plans for equipment purchase, workforce planning, etc.

Production benchmarks

Track and benchmark actual hydrocarbon production of wells and fields against plans.



Increase production rates with enhanced well placement and completion parameters that improve extraction of hydrocarbons from tight oil and gas fields.


降低运营费用的提高d well completion design that reduces raw material usage including proppant and fracturing fluid.


Lower drilling costs by drilling fewer wells while realizing the same or improved production rates across the field.


Shorten decision cycle time as a result of improved visibility of well location and completion design.


Accelerate learning curve with continuous feedback of well completion design performance.

Proven results in weeks, not years

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