Industrial Pressure Sensors & Transducers


内华达州的弯曲线工业压力传感器have many different applications. From hydro turbine and centrifugal pumps to reciprocating compressor cylinders, we have a pressure sensor or transducer system for your machine.

Pressure Sensors & Transducer Portfolio

Trendmaster 200132 Pressure Transducer System- The 200132 sensor was designed to provide static (average) pressure measurements from general process monitoring to the Trendmaster† system. The Bently NevadaTrendmaster Proonline condition monitoring systemlinks hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network and transfers the data into ourSystem 1机器状况监测软件. Appropriate sensors allow the system to monitor a variety of machine conditions including:

  • 振动
  • temperature
  • 密封泄漏
  • 压力
Pressure Transducer
Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Cylinder Pressure Sensors & Transducers

我们的165855缸压换能器被优化,用于测量往复式压缩机缸内的环状绝对压力变化。它与我们的3500/77M Cylinder Pressure MonitorSystem 1 condition monitoring software和must be compatible with the type of gas or fluid in which the transducer will operate. The transducer's tough construction provides accurate pressure readings even after extended periods of continual cycling over large pressure gradients.

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors (Pressure Pulsation)

The350300动态压力传感器为水力机或泵监测提供动态(高频波形)测量。它采用压电技术来测量高达2 kHz的压力脉动。传感器检测到液压现象,例如在试管和头部覆盖区域中的粗糙负荷区域,涡流和空化以及penstock中的脉动。它还可以检测到可以损害机械和操作的气腔和其他流动不稳定性。

Pressure Sensors


  • 托管解决方案
  • System Maintenance & Availability
  • 机械诊断服务
  • Machinery Health Audits
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • 站点项目管理
  • 设计,安装和调试

These Bently Nevada hardware products work well with our family of压力sensors:

Compatible Software

我们的压力传感器work hand in with these software products:

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