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Uwem Ukpong knows that transforming the future of energy means new approaches to technology – from incubation of promising ideas, to pivotal partnerships and industry collaborations. The Executive Vice President of Regions, Alliances & Enterprise Sales says, “innovators identify the industrial reach of Baker Hughes as the reason they want to partner with us, along with our ability to take technology into the market.” On the Baker Hughes side, building new partnerships and alliances have long been identified as the fast lane for accelerating into industry change.

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Uwem Ukpong, Executive Vice President of Regions, Alliances and Enterprise Sales, Baker Hughes

乘坐项目贝克休斯已经在北海碳科新利app技初创公司中已经致力于努力。It’s looking to leverage an offshore carbon storage facility - the first global and full-scale carbon neutral “blue” ammonia production plant – to explore the development and integration of technologies to minimize the carbon footprint, cost and delivery time of carbon capture, transport and storage (CCTS). It’s the kind of relatively small-scale, integrated undertaking that both companies can immediately learn from and build on to help pivot others in the industry toward decarbonization and supply of a potentially highly desirable new fuel.

“这industry focus has all been about hydrogen, which will play a critical role,” says Ukpong, “but ammonia, the product of combining hydrogen and nitrogen, is easier to handle, easier to liquefy, and there’s a strong sense that it will be the fuel of the future for applications like marine propulsion.”

‘’First, you have to deal with the fact that ammonia production is one of the most heat- and pressure-intensive processes on the planet. It uses around 2 percent of the world’s energy, and in the process releases 1 percent of the globalCO.2burden.新利app贝克休斯挪威联盟随着Horisont Energi.has potential to bring innovation in carbon capture and offshore storage to clients in 120 markets, in a way that neither company could themselves achieve within an industry-leading timeframe.’’

Ukpong says one mistake that large legacy companies like Baker Hughes can make when transforming the extraction of hydrocarbons for a low-emissions world, is trying to change everything at once. “After you acknowledge that the industry is changing, you want to go into bite-sized projects that will help you understand how to commercially structure extraction plus carbon capture, for example, or oil extraction plus co-located blue-hydrogen and ammonia plants, in order to be successful.”



Partnerships are becoming more common in today’s industry. Ukpong says, “if you want to build and deploy at the speed needed to address new opportunities, you have to recognize there is not one single player and find new ways of working.”



虽然实施效率 - 思考供应链优化和利用遥控能力 - 在Covid-19 Pandemery的当前市场波动和条件的立即反应中有一个重要的位置,Ukpong表示脱碳已成为迄今为止最重要的战略因素用于考虑石油和天然气公司。他说,“你可能不想成为可再生公司的公司或氢化公司,但你不会在没有明确的脱碳路线图的传递给予您的运营。”

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甚至在Covid-19成为行业决策的背景之前,脱碳的新时代已经开始倾向于对Blunt的合作“不要打电话给我们,我们会称之为”招标流程说,英国人说。石油和天然气公司从专业到较小的运营商现在定期与Baker Hughes举行会议,以了解技术选择,然后计划下次移动。新利app这种早期参与过程有利于更好地整合解决方案,因此可以看到投资能够提供更大的企业宽的积极影响。


数字的transformation, a longtime goal of the energy industry which has so far developed in fits and starts rather than leaps and bounds, remains a priority. Ukpong is confident that digital technologies will help meet both near-term efficiency requirements and decarbonization mandates.



''Energy management is also a big topic from an AI perspective''

UWEM Ukpong,B新利appaker Hughes

Bake新利appr Hughes战略联盟与C3艾,于2019年6月宣布,正在扩大此类能力。Europe侧重于UKPONG,因为他提供了技术联盟的承诺,BHC3将Baker Hughes的域名专业知识与AI软件一起汇集在C3 AI中,以推动以前无法识别的途径,以提高生产力,为石油和天然气部门创造新的机遇。新利app他说,“随着公司希望随着更少的方式做得更多,我们可以提供坚实的数字框架,以帮助客户提供更多的设备及其运营。”

“Rather than trying to build a hardened AI platform in-house,” he adds, “we’ve partnered with the best in the industry.”

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By redefining itself as an energy technology company, Baker Hughes has grasped the license to apply innovation and new ways of thinking to its long heritage of industry experience. Our strategy, says Ukpong, is “to transform our core operations, invest in growth, and position for new energy frontiers.” There is enormous potential in the energy transition, he says, as the company’s executive leadership team aims to place the right bets and facilitate moves that ensure the ongoing success of Baker Hughes and its clients.


UWEM Ukpong,B新利appaker Hughes