The Baker Hughes expander portfolio includes compressors and generators with proven experience in the most demanding applications and extreme conditions worldwide. We provide frame sizes, capacities, footprints, and weights to match any application.

Leveraging over 60 years of consolidated experience, our products incorporate advanced designs, and robust materials, and lessons learned from an extensive installed fleet. We continually invest to study and develop new stage technologies that deliver higher efficiency and reliability, and lower maintenance requirements.

Highest-efficiency energy recovery



对于径向涡轮扩展器,我们的产品组合包括集成和密封的压力解决方案,用于高达300千瓦,加上高速发电机和多级涡轮增压器,高达17兆瓦的能量回收。我们还与磁轴承领域的全球领导者的SKF合作,扩展了我们从工程提供完全客户支持的能力。除了使用低压空气的API 617的两个专用扩展器测试台外,我们的高级测试设施包括执行全弦测试的能力。

Hot gas axial expanders

Hot gas axial expanders can be used to recover otherwise wasted energy, particularly from the substantial heat generated in a refinery’s Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit. An expander acts very much like the power turbine in an aeroderivative gas turbine. Flue gas energy is extracted by the rotor blades and converted into rotational energy to generate power.



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