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  • 设计的秩序解决方案,优化,提供了卓越的可靠性和长寿
  • Drawing on decades of engineering expertise, innovation, and support
  • 北美和欧洲的制造和服务支持

  • Purpose-built to exacting customer specifications and industry specific standards
  • Robust designs with rigid case construction for durability in demanding applications
  • Multiple input and output shafts and accessories available

  • 用渗碳,穿透和氮化齿具有精密地面精加工的单螺旋和双螺旋齿轮
  • 保守尺寸的抗摩擦或轴颈轴承用于寿命
  • Integrated lubrication and instrumentation monitoring systems



Lufkin Gears低速增加和减速齿轮在整个工业中广泛使用,具有知名度,可用于最苛刻的应用中的可靠性。

Using state-of-the-art design, we can adapt to a variety of industry standards such as ISO, DIN, API, AGMA; and our gear drives can also be ATEX certified on request. Each gearbox is individually factory tested at full speed, under no-load or loaded test regimen. A wide range of options is available, including full lubrication systems, continuous monitoring vibration and temperature sensors, as well as clutch and anti-rotation systems. We can also offer drop-in replacement gearboxes following customer and environment requirements to avoid disruptive on-site modification.

Rubber and plastics

Tire producers around the world count on heavy-duty Lufkin Gears speed reducers for batch mixers and mills. We also specialize in custom applications including extruders, calendars, and roll mills. Lufkin Gears products are well known by rubber and plastics productions for their value and reliability.

低速齿轮箱Rubber and Plastics

We've supplied Lufkin Gears multi-stage speed reducers to the sugar industry for more than 50 years. Many of our mill drives and cane knives are still in operation after a half century of service. We're also able to provide customized solutions such as multi-stage parallel shaft and planetary gears for mills and cane diffusers to meet any sugar production needs.



Lufkin Gears low-speed gearboxes are used in centrifugal pump, dredge pumps, booster pumps, and positive displacement applications in oil, gas and industrial plants around the world. We adapt to industry standards like ISO, API, and AGMA while providing optimized solutions according to each project's unique requirements. Over the years, the Lufkin Gears brand has been the industry standard for dependability in critical pump gearbox applications.


Iron and steel

Lufkin Gears technologies are used worldwide on hoisting equipment, rolling mills, and winders. With thousands of units in our installed base, we have the expertise to keep any steel production line rolling. Drawing on broad experience across the metals industry, we specialize in upgrading existing gears to increase throughput and reliability.

低速齿轮箱Iron and Steel

Cement and asphalt



Mining and aggregate

Our technologies are well known for keeping production moving under the most demanding conditions. We provide proven solutions for crushers, pumps, slew drives, bucket wheels, blendomat, conveyor drives, and many more applications. Our gearboxes are available in horizontal or vertical parallel shaft, angular shaft, or planetary configurations with custom accessories and monitoring equipment to meet every need.

低速齿轮箱Mining and Aggregate




Our products are known around the world for reliability in hydro-electric plants. Our low-speed Lufkin Gears parallel-shaft increasers are used for vertical, pit or KAPLAN turbine applications; and our Allen Gears epicyclic products are powering some of the largest geared hydro plants in the world. Our trusted brands give around-the-clock piece of mind to power generation plants.

低速齿轮箱Hydro Power

Oil drilling

Lufkin Gears single-speed and multi-speed power swivel gearboxes are the industry standard for reliable performance in oil extraction. These are some of the most demanding gearing applications in very harsh environments. When downtime is not an option, onshore and offshore drilling operators count on the Lufkin Gears brand to deliver.

低速齿轮箱Oil Drilling

Test stands


低速齿轮箱Test Stands

With over 500 references and installations, Lufkin Gears and Allen Gears are key brands throughout the nuclear industry. We have decades of proven performance and reliability in reactor building, auxiliary building, cooling systems, and hoisting equipment around the world.


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