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  • 通过完全集成的底部孔组件实现特殊的钻孔性能
  • 通过近钻头方位角伽马射线测量完成确切的井放置
  • Attain superior wellbore quality with automated wellpath trajectory control and con

  • 需要高累积率的井
  • 简单或复杂的3D Wellbores
  • 单行垂直,曲线和侧板



新利appBaker Hughes拥有集成的硬件,软件,自动化和远程连接来提供Lucida™先进的旋转转向服务- 一种实现特殊钻探性能,精确井放置和卓越的井筒质量的新方法。

Integrated technologies, exceptional performance


  • A fully customized drill bit is designed for maximum penetration rates and precise directional control in your most challenging formations. Bits are built for your specific application and include advanced directional control, premium cutters, and a proprietary connection. Together, these features ensure rapid, on-target drilling with superior durability.
  • Near-bit dynamic sensors convey downhole measurements to surface in real time. Sensors measure downhole weight-on-bit, torque, and bending moment and direction. Accelerometers measure axial and lateral vibrations as well as torsional oscillations. This wealth of downhole data will let you drill faster and with greater directional control, without expending additional energy.
  • Multi-chip module electronics extend your drilling envelop to hotter, deeper, and more demanding environments while also enhancing reliability




The automated trajectory control system uses near-bit directional sensors to check azimuth and inclination every millisecond. The system then makes automatic, second-by-second adjustments to steer forces for precise control—even at high penetration rates.

The continuous proportional steering system uses three precision-controlled pads to maintain a continuous proportional steering vector that drills a smooth, in-gauge hole. The pads optimize the drill bit and hydraulics program to maintain steering control, independent of changes to bit pressure, flow rates, and drilling fluid properties.

The Lucida advanced rotary steerable service integrates these systems to reduce your wellbore tortuosity, while simultaneously lowering torque and drag during drilling. The result: higher quality curve sections and longer lateral sections drilled with greater speed.



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