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  • Cost-effective option to maintain site configuration and decrease outage downtime for current and out-of-production gas turbines
  • Faster equipment swap through OEM interchangeability study
  • Create pool of spare components and modules at lower costs

  • OEM expertise, quality, and warranty through Baker Hughes TPS Repair Network
  • Flexible configurations to fit customer site requirements with minimal package modifications
  • Ready to serve, on-the-shelf refurbished equipment and components

  • Major outages, modular replacements or repairs
  • Site equipment upgrades and rejuvenation
  • Multi-outage modular and components rotation



Baker Hughes's Certified Renewed Equipment options include a variety of gas turbine equipment, from components and rotors to full flange-to-flange modules. With more than 50 assets refurbished and running globally, our equipment provides cost-effective solutions to decrease total outage and overhaul cycle times, while ensuring availability of equipment based on current or out-of-production technology.

我们新的产品OEM支持的保证and can be purchased with advanced support from Baker Hughes's turbomachinery services, including interchangeability studies, installation, and consultative support.

High-speed power turbines
Standard, PIP, G4
LM2500/PGT25 gas turbine
46 and 72-hole configurations
Frame 3 gas turbine module
F, J, J-HT
Frame 5 single-shaft gas turbine module
L, LA, M, N, P, PA
Frame 5 double-shaft gas turbine module
B, C, C+, D
PGT10 gas turbine module
Single and double-shaft
PGT5 gas turbine module
B, D
Gas turbine components
Rotors, nozzles, buckets, statoric
Gas turbine rotors
Frame3, Frame5, PGT10, PGT5, HSPT

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