补救完成services from Baker Hughes provide proven production-enhancement solutions for your mature or underperforming assets—without the time and expense of a full workover.


  • 用全方位的沙子控制解决方案从生产液中取出沙子。Thru管砾石包和独立屏幕,环形清洁系统和化学砂控制系统一切正常工作,从而从生产的流体中去除沙子。选择合适的系统,以促进无腐蚀,防止井下系统免受腐蚀,侵蚀或堵塞。
  • Choke back unwanted gas and water breakthrough to boost well productivity with our line of zonal isolation and water shutoff systems. From straddle systems and tubing/packer repair to casing patches and remedial autonomous inflow control devices (AICD), our solutions extend your well’s production while minimizing the costs and risks associated with gas handling at the surface.
  • 将工具部署到您的直播良好中,以便使用我们的部署解决方案进行补救杂散,尺度和砂屏安装。部署选项包括有线,线圈管或光滑线。


  • 降低运营时间并降低成本。削减钻机时间并最大限度地减少可以通过Live Well Distention安装的补救措施完成服务的停机时间
  • 防止井下系统的砂生产和相关损坏。使用我们的Thru管制砂系统修复砂致损伤并抑制未来的砂保留
  • 提高石油生产和效率。Re-enforce wellbore and reservoir connectivity to maximize your production with our remedial completion services

让我们共同努力,了解我们的补救措施如何延长您的井中的生产寿命 - 以较低的风险和成本。

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