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Our integrated package of services includes nitrogen services: purging, helium leak testing, bolt tensioning and torquing, system cooldowns; cleaning services: lube-oil flushing, chemical cleaning, retrojetting, high-velocity flushing; and drying using either air, nitrogen, or vacuum. We can package these services together to manage the entire pre-commissioning process. This optimizes the utilization of people and equipment, reducing overall cost, decreasing time to system start-up. For plant turnaround, our services minimize outage time while improving plant efficiency.

Nitrogen services

新利appBaker Hughes的氮气服务减少了项目时间,风险和成本,在新的建设或周转期间高效的氮气使用陆上或海上。我们支持石油和天然气生产项目,液化天然气,精炼,石化,发电。根据行业标准,我们的服务确保您具有干净,干燥,无泄热,并且惰性单元,可根据行业标准首次安全地获得产品。如果温度是一个问题,我们可以将管道和船舶预先放入所需的水平。



Integrated pre-commissioning services







Our temporary fuel gas and LNG supply service keeps gas flowing to your customers during outages, ensuring you meet your contractual obligations. Whether a supply shortage in a remote location, planned maintenance work, or an unexpected shutdown, we offer tailored support. Vaporized LNG is delivered at precisely controlled pressure, temperature, and flow rate for an uninterrupted supply. We can blend other materials to ensure calorific value and molecular weights match your specifications. We can also fuel your turbines, gas compressors, and power generation systems while in the construction yard, allowing you to troubleshoot and commission the units before shipping offshore.


Our refinery coke cutting service ensures continuous coke cutting for a wide range of flow and pressure requirements with our unlimited global pumping equipment fleet.


增强的石油回收services help maximize your ROI without committing to CAPEX. Our temporary equipment packages help you to determine if the chosen method of reservoir flooding will respond as predicted before investing in a permanent facility.

Mechanical joint integrity (bolting and machining)


Mechanical joint integrity service is offered as a standalone offering or as a part of integrated services.

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