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  • 降低机房尺寸的低质量和功率密度解决方案
  • Ultra-low noise and vibration characteristics
  • Hybrid gears and special consideration to integration of complex shaft-line and control

  • Integrated propulsion thrust bearings, clutches, brakes, turning gear and shaft locks, oil systems, and control units
  • Through-hardened, nitrided or carburised, ground gears with high degrees of accuracy and ultra-light weight construction
  • Heavy-duty or light-weight designs to provide a solution that will last the life of your vessel

  • 提供从全系列换动器到各种推进解决方案的传输
  • Input speeds from 500 to 17,000 rpm, reductions from 2:1 to 15:1, transmission from 1 to 40 MW
  • 军事和商业:快速巡逻,罗维特,气垫船,驱逐舰,拖船,疏浚,钓鱼,货物,巡航和渡轮



Lufkin齿轮和艾伦齿轮以世界各地的可靠性而闻名。我们拥有80多年的工程专业知识,创新和涡轮机的支持 - 超过3,300多个定制的海洋推进齿轮,提供给全世界的海军和商业运营商。

Rugged. Robust. Reliable.

The marine industry demands reliable performance, extreme power, and exceptional mechanical integrity from a propulsion system. Allen Gears and Lufkin Gears, Baker Hughes businesses, specialize in the design and manufacture of high-quality marine gearing, providing customers with the most cost-effective, dependable, and timely solutions for critical propulsion applications.

自1942年以来,我们一直在推动海洋工业 - 具有定制,高性能,环球环绕和平行轴,高速和低速齿轮箱和服务。我们的经验和充满活力的专业培训计划意味着您的船只可以从深层技术知识,技术驱动的解决方案和世界级的工程实践中受益。我们使用最优质的材料和工艺,如渗碳,CBN齿轮齿整理,以及无与伦比的质量控制,以推动行业标准更高,您的业务更远。

我们已安装的底座涵盖所有蓝色水(海)和棕色水(内陆河)工作船和拖船,渡船,巡航,渔船,疏浚,货运船,气垫船,巡逻船,快速攻击船,军用船舶,海上船舶,超级游艇和游艇。艾伦齿轮和Lufkin Gears船用产品是根据各种国际运输标准设计和评定,包括:Agma,ABS,MIL,ISO,LLOYDS,DNV,Germanischer Lloyd和Rina。

艾伦齿轮和Lufkin Gears船用齿轮可以用油系统和控制元件提供完整的。我们提供机械和电气泵,油调节设备(压力,过滤,冷却),启动箱和控制和监控模块,提供手动本地或远程自动控制和反馈。


Whether you're repowering an existing vessel or building new, Lufkin Gears marine gears are well suited for 500-1,500 rpm engine speeds. Catalogue units with ratios ranging from 3:1 to 8:1 are available for easy project design. Custom designs are also available to meet any specific project needs.

Lufkin Gears has installation references with all major makes and models of low- and medium-speed diesel applications. You can leverage our extensive marine experience of reverse reduction marine propulsion gears to ensure unmatched reliability and performance. Allen Gears has low and medium-speed military marine installation references including Coast Survey, minesweeping, Multi-role.



Allen Gears marine gears are purpose-built to exacting customer specifications. Whether performing in large ships or small, fast vessels; driven by gas turbine, medium/high-speed diesel engine, or a combination of both—our gears are well suited for prime mover speeds from 1,000 to 17,000 rpm. We have proven experience with powers from 2 to 40 MW and reduction ratios up to 15:1.


Allen Gears tackles complex configurations requiring specialized engineering skills, using lightweight construction and precision machining techniques to provide solutions for fast military vessels such as:

  • Littoral mono-hull patrol craft
  • Small frigates
  • 表面效应catamaran
  • Super yachts
  • Hovercraft

Special consideration is given to the design and manufacturing of all components to maximize weight reduction, reduce noise generation, improve durability, and increase life—to make a product that exceeds customer expectations. We address every aspect: casing, shafting, gear teeth, bearings, mounting, oil system, system integration, dynamic response. And we employ specialized analysis tools to assess deflection, longitudinal and torsional vibration, transmission error, and efficiency.


Luxury yacht
  • Very light weight
  • Low resulting air borne cabin noise
  • Mild cyclic shock loading (fatigue)
  • Low structural borne noise
  • 高水平的功能
  • Space envelope restrictions
  • Very light weight
  • Moderate shock (fatigue and ultimate strength)
  • Flexibly mounted systems
  • Light weight
  • High shock survivability (ultimate strength)

艾伦齿轮具有安装参考,具有主要品牌和燃气轮机和高速柴油发动机的型号。我们在动力传动齿轮中的广泛经验确保了无与伦比的可靠性和性能,提供从全系列的主要移动器(燃气轮机,蒸汽轮机,柴油发动机和电动机)到各种推进器(可控螺距螺旋桨,​​固定 -螺距螺旋桨和水喷射器或发电机)。

Allen Gears marine propulsion solutions include parallel, epicyclic or bevel gears, ranging from single-in/single-out (SISO) to multiple in/out including power take-in/power take-off (PTI/PTO) for hybrid electric drive or ship ancillaries such as oil pumps for water jet or controllable pitch propeller control. Our portfolio ranges from single-stage, parallel-shaft to multi-stage combinations of epicyclic and parallel shaft, in vertical, horizontal, and angled offsets. We provide CODOG, CODAG, CODOD, CODAD, CODELOG and CODELAG configurations including cross connection.

Allen Gears also manufactures marine generator drives. Our famous epicyclic generator drive solutions are packaged to suit the high-power light weight marine environment.

Hybrid gears

Parallel-shaft is currently the predominant arrangement used in the marine industry. Combining epicyclic and parallel-shaft gears with the epicyclic gear as either primary or final reduction enables significant weight and space reductions, while improving efficiency.

  • 消除了高速轴承
  • High ratio reduction in small space envelope
  • Improved efficiency
  • 减少油流量要求
  • Lighter-weight package
  • 跨多个网格的高大划分(最小4)
  • 行星ary configuration gives high ratio
  • Eliminates large final bull-wheel
  • 减少总宽度
  • 重量显着减轻

Hybrid gears



Design services

Allen Gears and Lufkin Gears tackle complex configurations requiring specialist engineering skills, including:

  • 3D contact stress analysis
  • 优化的牙齿型材
  • Integrated housing-mesh alignment assessment
  • 可变加载条件评估
  • Application of finite element analysis techniques
  • Linear and non-linear evaluation techniques
  • Structural dynamic and fatigue analysis
  • 横向和扭转转子动态分析
  • Damped and response analysis
  • Verified rotor response test bed measurements

Design services

Field services

Allen Gears and Lufkin Gears field service specialists will support you throughout installation and commissioning—including harbour acceptance and sea acceptance testing—and throughout the life of the vessel.

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